The PRALEUCINE® concept consists of a combination of a protein-rich diet, exercises to stimulate movement and delicious pralines with ­vitamin D and leucine. The concept ensures that your muscles retain their strength as they age. With strong muscles you stay fit longer, you recover faster after illness or surgery and you have less chance of falling.

During the start-up phase I held several interviews. This showed time and again that freedom of movement for everyday things such as shopping, visiting and walking outdoors are very important to people. Many also said that these activities need more strength and energy with age. Logically, it is part of the natural process of aging to lose muscle mass and strength. The good news is that we can influence this process with a protein-rich diet, ­muscle training and additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids

What is good for us can also be quite tasty. Enjoyment is part of life and aging. That is how I came up with a combination of healthy and delicious, by blending vitamin D and leucine in a delicious praline, made from

Belgian chocolate. Leucine is an essential amino acid and an important building material for muscles. Leucine gives the starting signal for the conversion of proteins into muscles. Vitamin D supports muscle function with aging.

I hope PRALEUCINE® will help you age healthily and continue to enjoy life.

Patrick Tassignon
Founder of PRALEUCINE®, more than 50 years young and active athlete.

“I have more than 20 years of experience in the food industry in R&D, Operations and Quality, in the field of baby and clinical nutrition. I now like to use this knowledge and experience to develop new concepts in the field of nutrition and health among the elderly. ”