A passion for beautiful food and delicious flavours.



The Kromme Dissel, part of Fletcher Hotel Klein Zwitserland, is an old Saxon farmhouse built with relics from original farms in the east. In this most inspiring of venues, where you can smell its history and see where our artistry has been awarded a Michelin star for almost 50 years, my team and I are dedicated to provide an unforgettable experience for every guest.

When Patrick was our guest in the restaurant we got into conversation and found that we shared the same passions; the love of beautiful food and delicious flavours. Despite our different backgrounds - me from the artisan catering industry and Patrick from large scale food manufacturing - we share a common bond. Excellent food prepared with care and love and shared with friends or loved ones during a leisurely, relaxing meal, is one of life’s most precious and enjoyable moments.

In De Kromme Dissel we create exciting dishes, often high in protein with fish or meat, and complimented with a variety of seasonal vegetables. This is the concept we offer our customers, based on our long experience and passion for taste. This fits perfectly with the PRALEUCINE® concept.

Just as the pralines are a reward for a daily workout, a dinner at De Kromme Dissel can be a reward for a longer-term goal. To give you a hint of the flavours of De Kromme Dissel, I have created a delicious “PRALEUCINE® proof” dish and offer the recipe for you to try.

I sign for a healthier and fitter life with delicious dishes.

Tonny Berentsen
Chef de cuisine, restaurant De Kromme Dissel
Gelderland- Heelsum – www.krommedissel.nl 

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